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Who hasn’t gone through a divorce or know someone who has? Everyone is affected differently by certain things that happen in life. I just so happened to not be able to handle my divorce. I was working a full time job with high stress the most I’ve ever had I was trying to get pregnant and it wasn’t happening. I went to my gynecologist and got checked they said I had CIN Level 1 I started freaking out because I didn’t know what that was it’s just a slight form of cancer forming with bad cells they can go in and scrape the bad cells out but I didn’t want them to. The Dr said if I do the procedure if I were to get pregnant I could go into labor early or possibly have a miscarriage so I said no I’m not doing that right now. The option was to wait another year and hope it clears itself or doesn’t get worse. The not knowing what to do caused my stress levels to go through the roof I was losing my hair like crazy and I was saying and doing abnormal things that I normally wouldn’t do. It was clear to others that I wasn’t myself but I didn’t realize what was happening to me. I had my husband at the time go get checked for a physical and it came back with all low sperm counts and low everything. I just felt like my world was crumbling beneath me and there was nothing I could do to fix it. Shortly before I got let go from my work because of different reasons which I can go into later. My bipolar sneaked up on me and I never knew I had it. When it hit it hit hard!! My husband got a promotion and ended up moving out of the state and I chose not to go with him and start over. Everything was coming against me and I felt deep down God was speaking to me and saying it time to let go and start a new life. Was I ready? NO Did I have a choice? YES but it was at that time I had to put my Faith in God and believe life isn’t over yet. The divorce was the hardest thing I’ve had to experience and I will go more into details about what happened. It’s now been 4 years and a lot has changed. Some good, some bad. I will go more into details if your interested let me know…,if I can get through it so can you and NEVER GIVE UP!!!! More to come…